Vegetarian Menu Options

Five bean southwestern stew

Zucchini black bean enchiladas

Root vegetable stew

Vegetarian chili

Zucchini carrot pancakes

Wild mushroom meatloaf

Portobello mushroom cap filled with spinach, garlic, red peppers

Stuffed peppers with cous cous

Eggplant lasagne

Stirfired broccoli, snow peas and shiitake over soba noodles

Whole wheat canneloni with nonfat cheese

Potato and corn chowder

Potato and mushroom lasagne

Carrot orange dill bisque

Lentil brown rice pilaf

Eggplant, sundried tomato pizza

Green pea hummus with whole wheat pita

Roast garlic potato gnocchi with herbs

Green bean chick pea, mushroom and red onion salad

Broccoli twice baked potatoes

Asparagus risotto

Corn meal cakes with maple syrup

Brown sugar citrus baked squash

Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce

Whole wheat poor boy with zucchini romano, salsa

Ratatouille over pasta

Carrot, onion and potato gratin

Wild rice, cranberry pepper salad

Wild rice apricot pancakes

Oatmeal cookies

Pumpkin pie

Berry cobbler

Lemon meringues

Spice raisin drops

Eggplant, capers and pasta with diced tomatoes and parsley

Spinach ravioli with artichoke and white bean ragout