Vegetarian Menu #2

Eggplant ravioli with button mushrooms and yellow tomato ragout

Spinach fettucini with basil pesto and sun-dried tomato’s

Wild mushroom crostini

Blue cheese polenta with heirloom tomato’s

Zucchini fritters, in an egg parmesan and basil batter

Bowtie pasta with dill, chives, and feta cheese

Roasted red pepper, green olive basil pizzas

Chive gnocchi with chantrelles, french beans, tomato vinaigrette

Roasted tomato and chevre flatbread

Rice wraps with asian vegetable slaw and asparagus

“b”potatoes filled with bourcin

Caponata tarts

Corn risotto with watercress and red peppers

Grilled mozzarella and basil toasts

Baby portobello’s filled with spinach and ricotta

Saffron pappardelle with broccoli rabe, tomato bouillon, porcini mushrooms, and parmigiano reggiano

Zucchini and carrot pancakes with basil cream

Wild mushroom braciole with vodka tomato cream sauce

Spinach and fontinagnocchini

Fennel and white bean bruschetta

Squash blossoms with chevre and sun- dried tomatoes

Vegetarian Menu #2 Desserts

Fresh fruit tarts

Peach pie

Coconut cream pie

Fruit platter

Chocolate hazelnut mousse cake

Berry- grand marnier tiramisui

Anise carmelized raspberry surprise

Austrian orange almond cake

Mango mousse cake

Apricot walnut tart

Meringue shell filled with hazelnut ice cream and espresso gelato

Pane cotta with plum lime compote

Melon balls margarita