Kosher Fish Served - Luncheon Buffet

Hors d'oeurves passed in library

Zucchini parmesan cakes

Smoked salmon and cucumber canape

Broccoli and bourcin tarts

Fresh fruit platter

Mesclun greens, papaya, avocado, rice wine vinaigrette

Assorted french pastries

Iced tea

First Course Served

Bibb lettuce with hearts of palm, sliced mushrooms, pear tomatoes, champagne vinaigrette

Luncheon plated and served

Wasabi and potato crusted halibut filet, plum sake sauce, plum tomatoes filled with spinach and shiitake mushrooms, snow peas and waterchestnuts

2 different vegetables for vegetarian plates

Bread served with salad and dinner

Assorted french pastry trays

Decaf coffee

Chocolate dipped fruit and nuts on tables