Dairy Buffet #3

Hors d'oeurves passed

Asparagus and whitefish bruschetta

Artichoke, tomato and parmesan tarts

Mushroom chive sandwiches

Smoked salmon canapes

Dinner stations


Spinach ravioli with vodka cream sauce

Bowtie pasta with spring vegetables and olive oil

Bread basket

Roast vegetable platters

Fish station

Teriyaki salmon with asian vegetables

Halibut cakes with remoulade sauce or papaya mango salsa

Basmati rice pilaf with macadamia nuts and dill

Sliced tomato and mozzarella salad

Roast vegetable platters

Salad station

Baby spinach salad with strawberries, honey walnuts, mandarin oranges, sweet and sour dressing

Romaine hearts with black peppercorn parmesan vinaigrette

Assorted bread basket

Spinach and feta pies, 12 inch size

Green bean and red pepper salad

Salad station

Assorted french pastries

Fresh fruit platter

Creme brulee

Decaf coffee